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Alice was standing in the woods waiting on Alex to come out and break up all of the tension and anger that her future husband was exhuding.

Future husband. That title rolled off her toungue nicely and settled in a nice place inside her heart. She was distracted momentarily as she thought of her life with Jasper thus far. All of the things they had been through. The highs. The lows. The pain. The torture. The love.

Her eyes glowed with a passion unknown to mankind, and it burned only for him. So many times she had to smoulder that feeling in favor of keeping their family's...
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Alice perched outside the cave listening intently. Her family was poised nearby ready for anything when she saw Alex's future slipping away. She focused harder trying to see the tail end of it, but like a flash it was gone.

Alice did not feel as much hatred for the Werewolves like the rest of her family did. However, they were an inconvenience when she was trying to track someone's every move. What got in her way even more was when that little pipsqueak of a some what sister of hers, Alex, decided to mess around with them and screw everything up.

Alice was mad, very mad....
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Alice was trying to think of the words to say to apologize to her brother. She knew she had been rather harsh. Part of her wanted to apologize and let him know they would get through this, but the other part of her said no, let him deal with the hand he has chosen.
She never would get the chance to decide.

Her next thought raced towards Alex. She saw her leaving Forks, willingly?!?! It was Alex who was dragging Marie away to France and not the other way around.She saw Alex saying her goodbyes before they got home in an attempt to not be dissuaded by her soulmate and his stubborn...
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Alice had been given strict orders to protect Alex. To keep her safe and in her sight. Her one task and she had failed. Edward was going to be so mad. Alice did not even know how it had happened. She had gone upstairs to rearrange her closet to make room for some new clothes that she saw her and Edward shopping for and then bang Alex dissapeared from her sights.

She hadn't even thought about that even occuring. She had seen Alex asleep for at least another two hours. She paced back and forth to fast for human eyes. She contemplated what to do knowing that the inevitable was soon appraoching....
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Alice could not bring herself to go home. Not just yet. She knew she had tons of things to do waiting for her at home, but first she needed time for herself.

Emmett had asked if she would like to go hunting with him, but she had politely declined. Rosalie was practically unbearable to be around because her hatred for Alex radiated off her skin like poison. Jasper had been off thinking about the proposal and she was trying hard to ignore him. She did not want to ruin it for him or her.

She walked down towards the river and headed for her favorite spot, the clearing out in...
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Alice was out taking a day to herself to shop and just be alone. Lately things had been crazy in Forks. There had been a string of attacks that was leading the people to panic and it was causing her family to really rely on her visions.

Having this much pressure put on her was not fun for Alice. Instead of seeing things naturally she felt forced. Her visions were no longer fluid but rather jagged spurts, and instead of seeing an entire scene, she only saw flashes of pictures that she was left to decipher.

She wondered aimlessly through the crowds of people seriously beginning...
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Alice had been homw for a while now but Carlisle was still at work. Edward had gone out for a while and it seemed that everyone else was preoccupied. Rosalie was out with friends and Emmett was surely out hunting. Hopefully he would not bring anything dead back inside. Esme was normally quiet and compassionate but that one time Emmett made the fatal mistake to bring in a dead animal to save for later she had turned nasty. He never made that mistake ever again.

Alice laughed to herself as she raced up the stairs to find Esme. When she reached the top she saw that Esme was once again in...
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Alice thought to herself as she left to go hunting that Edward had been looking somewhat depressed lately. Well, as depressed as a pale white vampire could look. She had not seen anything in his future that would upset him, or at least upset him more than usual. School was never fun but the weather would be dreary the next few days and they had a façade to keep up. Maybe it was the fundraiser that they had to go to in a few weeks. Alice was of course excited to get all dressed up and go to a fancy dinner but Edward, however, was not.

Then it hit her. Just as her foot graced the ground...
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