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 Carlisle Cullen

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Carlisle Cullen


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PostSubject: Carlisle Cullen   Sun Mar 07, 2010 1:26 pm

Carlisle Cullen

Race: Vampire
Coven: Olympic
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Gold
Birthdate: January 23, 1644

Born to a radical Anglican pastor in London, England, Carlisle watched as his father and his followers hunted down vampires, werewolves, and witches. Unknown to him that he would have the fate of becoming what his father hated most, he did the hardest thing he could possibly think of and left his human life behind. He did try committing vampiric suicide more than once but found that each attempt failed. Learning to control his thirst for human blood, he trained himself to feed on the blood of animals and became a "vegeterian".

After staying with the Volturi as a guest, he soon left them and went to America where he found a family dying of Spanish Influenza in Chicago, Illinois. The father Edward Masen, Sr. was the first to pass leaving his wife Elizabeth and son. Elizabeth pleaded with Carlisle to save her son, and he obliged. Sneaking Edward to his home, he turned him into a vampire in 1918, forever changing his life.

They traveled together and later moved to Wisconsin in 1921, where Carlisle found his mate, Esme. She had tried to commit suicide after losing a child, her son. He turned her into one his kind and her compassion carried over. He then found Rosalie, turning her and hoping she would be Edward's mate. Alice and Jasper later joined the coven around the 1950s.

While living in Denali with his family, he became very close with the Marseille family. Knowing that their daughter carried the Fatale line in her blood, he made sure she was well protected. Having done extensive research on the Fatale family, he found that it was too late to help her. Her parents' deaths were something he considered foul play.

Currently, he resides in Forks, Washington with his vampiric family and works at the local hospital hoping his son Edward will one day find the happiness he deserves.
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Carlisle Cullen
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