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 Rules and Regulations

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Alex Marseille
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Master Vampire

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PostSubject: Rules and Regulations   Thu Mar 04, 2010 7:19 pm

1 - YOU MUST BE 18 TO JOIN THIS SITE!! When you make your username please please please use your first and last name of your character. I do not want to go back in and change everything so that it fits with everyone else's username.

2 - All characters whether it is a canon or not MUST POST THEIR BIOGRAPHY in the format I have (Alexandria Nicolette Marseille). It is a simple request that way we know what your character's background is and how he/she is associated with everyone else. This is crucial to the canons associations as well as any other original characters.

3 - This is an alternate universe roleplay, pretty much anything goes. If you have ideas please run them by me or Edward before just doing them as well as the other characters it will involve. This is pretty much based off what Edward and I came up with originally.

4 - At all costs do not one line for the love of all that's holy. If you want a good game then please be courteous and make a post as descriptive and detailed as possible, the more the better. None of us are mind-readers!!

5 - You must be approved by Edward and/or I before posting on the forum. If a forum doesn't have a thread to it yet, ask first before posting.

6 - DO NOT harass, threaten, or degrade anyone while in the chatbox. While it may be done in character on the forum know that it is in character and that is where it will stay.

7 - No spamming.

8 - DO NOT post on a thread if it has a specific character/characters names on them. You must ask the characters first if you can join that thread. If you want to have your own blog as well for you character let me know and I'll make you one. IE Edward's Journals, Bella's Diary, Alex's Blog

9 - Have fun!!!
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Rules and Regulations
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