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 The First Vision- Alex comes home

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PostThe First Vision- Alex comes home

Alice thought to herself as she left to go hunting that Edward had been looking somewhat depressed lately. Well, as depressed as a pale white vampire could look. She had not seen anything in his future that would upset him, or at least upset him more than usual. School was never fun but the weather would be dreary the next few days and they had a façade to keep up. Maybe it was the fundraiser that they had to go to in a few weeks. Alice was of course excited to get all dressed up and go to a fancy dinner but Edward, however, was not.

Then it hit her. Just as her foot graced the ground after she leapt over the river, she suddenly saw the light, but just as quickly as she was happy for knowing Edward’s future, she realized she was being burdened with a great secret.

Like a flash she saw the girl she often thought about. Alex Marseille..but this was not the girl she remembered. This five year old girl with blonde hair and blue eyes had grown up into a ragged and weak teenager. Nevertheless, a teenager in Forks, Wa. and a teenager that was to be with Edward forever.

She came skidding to a halt. This vision was in itself a blessing and a curse. It was great that Edward would finally find the love that she had with Jasper, but it did not seem that their love would last long. From what she could tell this Dhampir was dying and dying fast.

She tried to see past Alex coming back to Forks, but she was getting nothing. She saw nothing past Alex in a car with Marie driving into Forks with a moving truck right behind them. She turned on her foot and sped back home putting off eating till later. She had to get back and talk to Carlisle, but more importantly she had to keep this from Edward. At all costs.
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The First Vision- Alex comes home :: Comments

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The First Vision- Alex comes home

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