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 Rosalie Lillian Hale

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Rosalie Hale


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PostSubject: Rosalie Lillian Hale   Mon Mar 08, 2010 11:47 pm

♥ Rosalie Lillian Hale ♥

Race: Vampire
Coven: Cullens/Olympic Coven
Hair Color: Long, Blonde, and Wavy
Eyes: Golden when well fed, black when thirsty
Birthdate: 1915
Turned: 1933
Creator: Carlilse Cullen

Born in 1915 as Rosalie Lillian Hale. She was born beautiful, bad temper, vain and self-centered. She was engaged to a man name Royce King, who raped her with his drunk friends and left her there half dead. She was changed into a vampire by Carlisle in 1933.

In 1935, Rosalie found Emmett being attacked by a bear and brought him to Carlisle to be saved. She and Emmett were soon married. Rosalie's true defining personal trait is her beauty. Like Emmett's strength-they're both more intensely physical than intellectual, which makes them a perfect match. Emmett will do anything to make Rosalie happy, and since she likes attention and is all about show, she gets a wedding every so many years. Emmett will always give her her way!

Rosalie is described as being the most beautiful person in the world but she is very bitter. In her human life, Rosalie was described as a woman with beauty, elegance, class, and money. She was already beutiful and the transformation only enhanced her beauty. She also has normal vampire skills like speed, super strength, granite-hard skin, and immortality. Becoming a vampire wasn't her choice. If she could chose, she would rather be human and have a normal life and being able to give birth but despite all of that, she is loyal to her family and friends.

Rosalie will forever be 18 years of age ♥️

"He was my soulmate And I fell in love with him the first time I laid eyes on him. Everyone was ecstatic for us, Including my brother, Edward, who was just happy to have Esme stop harping on him about being with me ♥"

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Rosalie Lillian Hale
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