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 Alexandria (Alex) Nicolette Marseille

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Alex Marseille
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Master Vampire

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PostSubject: Alexandria (Alex) Nicolette Marseille   Thu Mar 04, 2010 8:48 pm

Alexandria (Alex) Nicolette Marseille

Race: Dhampir
Coven: Olympic
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Caribbean Blue
Birthdate: November 05, 1990

Alex was born Alexandria Nicolette Marseille to Nicolette (Niki) Fatale Marseille and Romelle Traizure Marseille. Her family is a long descendant line of dhampirs starting with her ancestor Fatalia back when humans had only been around for a mere hundred years. Traced back to being one of the oldest lines in the supernatural history, Alex has been rumored to be as strong as the original: Fatalia. The Cullens lived right down the street from her while she was an infant in the small town of Cantwell, only a few miles from their friends in the Denali Coven. Edward Cullen was her babysitter and also her favorite target while his sister Alice made sure they were always together, seeing visions of Alex and Edward together.

That was until her parents died in a horrible skiing accident in the mountains. When Alex was a mere five years old she was ripped from Edward's arms by the Division of Family Services and sent to live with her grandmother Marie Fatale in Los Angeles - the one place the Cullens could never go. Being forced to keep her powers restrained, she eventually lost all connection to her vampiric half and was left with hazy memories of her childhood.

It is now summer of her freshman year and she persuaded her grandmother to move to Forks, to spend time with her best friend Jacob Black. They have spent the last ten summers together in Forks and he would visit her in Los Angeles, making sure to keep her out of trouble. Unknown to her is that her life is about to change, whether it be for better or worse. The vampiric strand of DNA is now starting to kill her demanding to be released once more.
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Alexandria (Alex) Nicolette Marseille
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