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 The story up until now...(posted in Messages and Forks as well)

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Alex Marseille
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PostSubject: The story up until now...(posted in Messages and Forks as well)   Tue Mar 09, 2010 9:59 pm

If you've read all the character bios then you should at least know Alexandria's past involving the Cullens. If not, well here's the sypnosis, Alex was raised around the Cullen family until she was five years old and forced to move with her grandmother. Living in Los Angeles for the past ten years, she finally convinced Marie to move to her summer home in Forks, Washington.

Alex was having strong feelings from the area as if something was pulling her to stay there. She doesn't remember very much about her childhood except there was a boy that had her utmost attention. She is determined to find him again at all costs, if that is what it takes to bring her memories back.

What she doesn't know is that she is a dhampir and that it is slowly killing her the more dormant she lets her telekinetic ability become. Marie has been discussing this with Carlisle and Esme fervently, hoping Alice hasn't seen anything to tip off Edward to Alex's return in his life. Her(Marie), Carlisle, and Esme all agree that they can't force Edward back into her life and that it must happen on both parts of freewill, both for Alex's sake as well as Edward's.

Alice, Jasper, and Emmett were always found of Alex's presence and how their brother reacted towards her. Since her departure from his life, they have noticed the darkness that looms over him. They both hope that in time he will find his mate or they fear they may lose their beloved brother forever. as he gradually gets worse.

It is now the summer before Alex's freshman year and Edward's senior year. He has no idea that Alex is in town. So now it is time for their lives to become connected once more. Hopefully they will save each other but first they must save themselves.

Let the game begin!!
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The story up until now...(posted in Messages and Forks as well)
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