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 The Third Vision- Ten Years Later

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PostThe Third Vision- Ten Years Later

Alice was out taking a day to herself to shop and just be alone. Lately things had been crazy in Forks. There had been a string of attacks that was leading the people to panic and it was causing her family to really rely on her visions.

Having this much pressure put on her was not fun for Alice. Instead of seeing things naturally she felt forced. Her visions were no longer fluid but rather jagged spurts, and instead of seeing an entire scene, she only saw flashes of pictures that she was left to decipher.

She wondered aimlessly through the crowds of people seriously beginning to doubt her abilities. She was even beginning to incorrectly predict the smallest things like who was going to drop their bags next or who was going to cough.

“Alice, you have to snap out of this!” She thought angrily to herself. “How can you expect your family to have faith in you if you don’t have faith in yourself.” She was right. How could she provide a safe feeling for her family and the lifestyle that they possessed if she did not stand behind what she saw 100%.

Feeling much better Alice turned on her heel and started toward the exit. She had kept her glasses on because with all of the commotion these past few days she did not want people staring anymore at her dark black eyes than they already were at her. It was not until she passed in front of Coach that she saw it. Those familiar Caribbean eyes and that soft blonde hair with a slight wave.

Except the usual happiness that Alex possessed was now replaced by anger. Alex was onstage somewhere. But where?

“Come on Alice. Think!”

She focused harder and it came together. Alex was at the Forks Community Center in what looked like the leftovers of a gorgeous purple gown. She was angered and yelling at someone that Alice could not see.

In a flash it was gone.

How could she have seen that far ahead in the life of a 5 year old girl that she had just left at home? She raced back to the car and as soon as she got home she knew why. Alex was being taken away by the child protective services unit in Forks. A grim Edward informed Alice that Alex’s parents had died in a tragic skiing accident.

That must have been why the vision just disappeared and ceased to exist. Alice pushed it to the back of her mind and focused on helping her brother grieve. She preceded to do this every day for another 10 years.
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The Third Vision- Ten Years Later

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