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 The Fourth Vision- The Fourth of July

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PostThe Fourth Vision- The Fourth of July

Alice could not bring herself to go home. Not just yet. She knew she had tons of things to do waiting for her at home, but first she needed time for herself.

Emmett had asked if she would like to go hunting with him, but she had politely declined. Rosalie was practically unbearable to be around because her hatred for Alex radiated off her skin like poison. Jasper had been off thinking about the proposal and she was trying hard to ignore him. She did not want to ruin it for him or her.

She walked down towards the river and headed for her favorite spot, the clearing out in the woods by the pond. She often went there to be alone and think. She knew if Alex stayed then Edward would finally have what Rosalie, Esme, and she had had all of these years. On the other hand, if Alex stayed then Rose might leave and Emmett would surely follow her to the ends of the Earth. The family could not stand to break apart.

She forced herself to look into their future and find the outcome.

She saw fireworks. It must be the fourth of July. She saw the family grilling out and having a party for appearances sake. She recognized some of her father friends and she also saw Kira, the new girl from the hospital who had seemed to be hanging around a lot more lately, but that was a separate issue in itself. She, however, did not see Alex or Edward. She looked harder and sighed with relief when she found them.

Forks Park. Under the bleachers. They were such teenagers. The booming sound of the fireworks continued in the background as Edward leaned into to kiss Alex. As soon as their lips touched the connection grew at an alarming rate. Alice was almost knocked backwards by the force of the magnetic draw.

Then things went black.

Alice could see nothing, but she could feel it.

This creature, Alex, was blocking her out from seeing what would happen when they kissed.

The next thing Alice could visualize was her mother sitting out on the couch wrapped in her fathers arms looking as if she had just died again. The only thing she heard her say was, "Oh Rosalie. What have you done?"

When the vision ended Alice was more confused than ever. Had Rosalie left? Had she taken Emmett with her? Or worst of all, had she done something to Alex?

Alice started to make her way back towards the house, certain that Edward was to busy to see this coming. She wondered if she should tell anyone about what she had seen or if she should just talk to Rosalie herself.

She flew up the steps and into the house where she found her parents. She took of her shoes and went and sat cross legged on the floor in front of them.

The future looked grim for them all. It was her responsibility to inform them. Wasn't it?
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The Fourth Vision- The Fourth of July

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