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 Isabella (Bella) Swan

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Bella Swan

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PostSubject: Isabella (Bella) Swan   Fri Mar 05, 2010 2:02 pm

Race: Human
Coven: N/A
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Brown
Birthdate: 13th September 1988

Isabella (Bella) Marie Swan lived with her best friend Jessica in Seattle, where she was at college training to be a teacher. After a line of misunderstandings at the high school where she was working part time as a teaching assistant, she was fired and kicked out of college. Not being able to find work, and not being able to pay her way with Jessica, Bella has moved to the small town of FORKS, to live with her Father, Charlie Swan, a 40-something bacholer, who is also the chief of police for the sleepy town.

Bella's past has been colorful. Not as innocent as she would have liked to have been in high school, she had a string of rather distateful boyfriends, some of which were not kind to her, and took her for a ride, getting her in one case to be their crack whore. This was when she was living in Phoenix with her mother, an up and coming pole dancer and her husband Phil.

After finishing High school a year late, Bella deicded that because she had finally managed to acheive pretty decent grades, that she should clean up her life and make something of herself.

So she enrolled at college.

Now she has nothing.

Bella is outspoken, not afraid to defend herself, using her mouth or her fists, which has given her much trouble in her past, getting herself a bad name wherever she chooses to live.

Now she feels like her life is on a dead end once again. Her dreams of living a good life, as a teacher shattered by a complaint from a young male pupil who came onto her, after learning about her dark past, and got her back when she would not sleep with him.

So now in Forks, Bella does not know where her life is at. She is not approachable, she is unemployable. Her people skills are something to be desired and the only person who is getting a word out of her right now is her father.
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Isabella (Bella) Swan
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