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 Only One True Love [Rated 18]

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PostSubject: Only One True Love [Rated 18]   Sun Mar 14, 2010 4:55 am

It’s funny how you never think about death, until you’re dying.

And here I was, lying in a hospital bed with a canula protruding from the crook of my left arm, allowing crystalline liquid to seep into my veins and pulse around my weakened body, hydrating me. I could feel that a ventilation tube had been inserted into my throat, permitting me to breathe during my unconscious state. My eyes remained closed as my mind struggled to recall what had led me here,


I remembered it all then, my memories permeated my brain, and I dwelled upon that time, almost a year ago, when I had received that hopeless diagnosis. My parents and I had sat in a poky office in what was supposedly the most advanced hospital in all of the UK, only to be told that there was no hope, my life would be ending shortly. I was just sixteen years old then, still just a child.

I recalled the drive home, well how could I forget it? That journey would be ingrained on my mind for the rest of my life, however short that may be.

I had been sat behind the driver’s seat, my legs stretched out across the back seat. My father was driving and I remember looking at my mother, her eyes were closed, her face set in stone. I longed to know what she was thinking but I knew her well enough to know that she needed this time to herself. I had then looked into the rear view mirror and stared at my pallid, gaunt face, a face I was barely able to recognise. My father’s eyes met mine, in the mirror, tears streaked down his face. My dad, emotionless and private was crying for me and it broke my heart. I buried my face in my hands so he would not see the pain there.

I heard the crunching sound of metal crushing metal; felt my world shake as the car rolled over and over. I smelt the burning and then there was nothing, just empty blackness. I had thought I was dead, but I woke up in that state of the art hospital only wishing that I was.

My parents were gone.

That was how I had found myself moving to Forks, Washington where my life had changed forever.

I had vowed to do everything in my power to live, for my parents, for my dad. After searching for months I believed I had found my miracle. Dr Carlisle Cullen, a hotshot surgeon who was sure he could cure me.

My ears pricked as I heard someone enter my hospital room. It was time to open my eyes and discover my future, if I had one.

My eyes blinked open and struggled against the bright lights, they adjusted slowly and I stared into the criminally beautiful face of Dr Cullen. My right hand moved involuntarily to the tube in my mouth and Carlisle reached out to stop me, he smiled at me which relaxed me.

“Deep breath out.” He whispered as he teased the pipe from my airway. “The surgery was a success.” He said, knowing it would be my first question.

“Ed- .” I began to croak, my throat dry from lack of use.

“Edward has hardly left your side.” He smiled.

Edward, my boyfriend, was the most stunningly handsome being to ever walk the planet. He was also Carlisle’s son and a vampire, and he was mine.

He strode into my room at human speed, almost naturally for him now, after eighty-eight years posing as a human. He smiled at me, his crooked smile which made my knees buckle, I was glad I was lying down.

He sat down on my bed, clasping my hand in his icy grip.

“You look awful, Angel” He laughed, placing a kiss on my head. I opened my mouth to speak but he hushed me with a kiss, just a gentle peck to the lips. He was still very careful around me, sure that he would one day break me by accident, like dropping your Nana’s favourite crockery.

He lay down and wrapped his arms around me. The effects of the anaesthesia washed over me once again and I began to drift off to sleep, safe in Edward’s arms and for the first time in a year, I was happy. I was cured and I was alive.

So, now that you know my history let me tell you who I am. My name is Angelina Destiny Feist. I prefer to be known as Angel. Edward and I have always laughed at the irony of my names, Angelina means angel and trust me when I say I look nothing like one, I am simple and as normal a person you could expect to meet, but Edward, Edward is my angel, my shimmering beautiful angel. Destiny is exactly what it says on the tin and I believe that we choose our own destiny, Edward is mine. And Feist!! Well say it out loud and you will see why Edward and I find it so funny. Edward is a vampire and I am one hundred percent human, so do the math. I’m seventeen years old, the same age that Edward was when he was immortalised, he’s been seventeen for nearly ninety years and you would never be able to tell.

Edward has quite a history as I’m sure you can imagine. He was dying of Spanish flu in a hospital in London, England in 1918, when Carlisle found him. It was Edward’s mothers dying wish that he should be saved and so Carlisle poisoned him with his venom. He spent many years at Carlisle’s side as his companion until Carlisle met and saved Esme, the love of his life. And then there was Bella, Edward and I don’t talk about her anymore. She was the one for him, his one true love. He turned her into a vampire at her request and after only a year she left him, left him for a wolf.

And then I walked into his life, I had meeting after meeting with Carlisle at the hospital and after a few consultations I bumped into Edward and there was a spark, my heart started to pound, which is never really good for someone who is dying, the blood had rushed to my head and I had collapsed, right there in front of him. I was so embarrassed when I came to, Carlisle was beaming at me from across the room and I lay on the sofa in his office, Edward knelt nervously on the floor. The family had taken pity on me, knowing I had no-one left in the world and they took me in.

It wasn’t long before I noticed that the Cullen’s weren’t normal. Out of the corner of my eye I would be sure I had caught a glimpse of someone shoot by at super speed. Edward and I began to spend more and more time together, locked up in his room, just reading or listening to music. It was Edward who stood out most to me, he spoke like he was from a different time, he had etiquette and was a gentleman, but he also seemed to know what I would say before the words had even formed. I questioned him over and over about these oddities and for a long while he refused to answer, eventually he told me. I’m not sure how he thought I would react, was I supposed to run, screaming from his life? I don’t know, but for some reason I felt safe with him, with the family. If they had wanted to kill me they had had plenty of time to do so.

Edward and I became great friends, we had a lot in common, and the house rang with our laughter day and night. He began to open up to me and he told me about Bella he told me that he should never have fallen in love with a human. I had been letting my thoughts wander for the last few days, I knew I had strong feelings for him, he was a dear friend, but I also felt something new for him. I tried to block the feelings, he had obviously realised his mistake and would never fall for another human again. He looked into my eyes at the exact moment I was thinking that and said to me ‘When I say I should never have fallen in love with a human, I mean that particular human’ I had stared at him, it was like he could read my thoughts. He had smiled then, ‘I can’ he laughed.

If we weren’t inseparable before that day we were from then on, we went everywhere together, hand in hand. But as the weeks dragged on, my body began to weaken. Carlisle spoke with me often and I remember on one occasion when Edward was hunting with the rest of the family he came to speak with me. He had said,

‘Edward has changed a lot since his relationship with Bella, he was deeply in love with her and paranoid that he would cause her death. Even though he is careful with you he is not so obsessive about it, which is a good thing. I don’t know if it’s because you’re not quite so fragile as she was or if he has learnt to allow nature to take it’s course.’

It had sounded as though Carlisle was saying that Edward would not mind accidently killing me, but I had known what he was trying to say.

Finally the day of my operation had arrived and I would know once and for all if I would die. I had made a decision, which I’m sure Edward had heard while he poked around in my head, but he never voiced it. I had decided that, should I live through the operation, but not be cured I would ask Edward to turn me; I wasn’t ready to leave this world and would do anything to stay. Edward and I had discussed my becoming a vampire before, he wanted me to, if I did, but for now I was happy being a human.

I was released from the hospital two days later and I lay in bed with Edward, he was lying on his back reading and I was on my side facing him, tracing the shape of his jaw line with my finger tip. He put his book down on the floor and turned to me, his golden eyes boring into my soul.

“I was wrong before.” He stated, stroking the hair from my face.

I didn’t answer him as I moved my finger to slide across his stony lips.

“Bella wasn’t the one,” I pulled my hand away and looked at him, astonished. I was speechless. “It’s you, it will always be you. I love you.” I smiled at him then.

His hand moved down my face, stroking gently at my neck and then curling around my arm. He held it there for a moment then smiled mischievously as he pulled me on top of him. I straddled his body my hands planted firmly on his chest as his ran up and down my spine, sending shivers through me.

“Well?” He asked that smile still playing at his lips. “Aren’t you going to say the same?”

I laughed as I pretended to zip up my lips, he sat up, so fast I almost fell off of him and the bed; he pulled me quickly to his body and looked deep into my eyes.

“I love you.” He repeated. I still said nothing, enjoying this moment of teasing. His lips crashed against mine as he kissed me ferociously, passionately and I couldn’t help but respond. My hands snaked around his neck, teasing at his hair, I pushed him back onto the bed, he didn’t move but he let a slight laugh fill my mouth then lay down cooperatively. He rolled over so that I was underneath him, careful not to let his weight crush me. Slowly he prised his mouth away and smiled down at me again.

“I love you too.” I eventually replied, breathlessly.

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Only One True Love [Rated 18]
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