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 Snap out of it, Woman.

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Bella Swan

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PostSnap out of it, Woman.

I've been back in Forks a little over a week now. Eight and a half painful days to be exact. No one from the City is talking to me. They are all thinking the worst of me... Knowing now about my rather colourful past and all thinking that I did in fact have sex with one of the students in the History Class I was assisting. This is fucked up. My mom always used to tell me when I was a kid that my past would haunt me eventually should I do wrong.

So now I had the task of hunting for a job. Which in the town of Forks, was not going to be easy. There was a few office buildings and small companies... As well as the outdoor shop and the supermaket.


They were going to look at my resume and raise an eye brow when they see my History Degree with honours... and then my "almost a teacher" part. I could see it now. "So Miss Swan, why did you leave school? Did you decide that teaching was not for you?"

Hmmm. Yes. No actually, I was really enjoying it. Teaching History was going to be great... But you see, my ex is so fucked up that I got set up... See, I used to be his crack whore.... And I left him when he got violent with me. He didn't like it, so he got his brother who so happened to be in one of my classes to say that I'd been fucking him - Sure. That would go down really well. Smoothe Bells.

Perhaps I should just stick with the History Major and perhaps scrub out the whole Well yeah, I was going to be a history teacher thing.

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Snap out of it, Woman.

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