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Jasper Hale
Head Vampire
Head Vampire

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PostSubject: OUT HUNTING   Fri Mar 19, 2010 3:31 am

After leaving an extremaly annoyed alex and a shocked esme in the kitchen at home Jasper decided to hunt it had been too long since he hunted and the burn in the back of his throut was getting too him..

Jasper sniffed the air looking for a scent that appelied too him.. "mmm moutain lion" he said to himself it wasnt his favourite but it would do... he stalked the lion and when he got close he pounced pulled the MT.Lions kneck back and bite hard in too the flesh he felt the tangy yet sweet liquid flow down his throt putting out the burning fire

After draining the MT.lion dry he got up and brushed himself off and looked at the lion and decided it would be best too hide it, he lifted a boulder and kicked the draind lion under it then put the boulder back down and headed for home
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