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 Just an average day...

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Edward Cullen
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Master Vampire

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PostSubject: Just an average day...   Mon Mar 22, 2010 8:48 pm

Edward headed out of the house early and got in his Volvo. he headed to downtown Forks: All two blocks of it. he parked and got out, heading for the small family owned jeweler that had been there for a few generations. he went inside and smiled to the owner before he started looking around. It was Alice's birthday soon and he wanted to get her something extra special this year. He looked at a rings and bracelets, then saw what he truly wanted. There was a white gold anklet with three separated, draping chains. It had loops to attach different charms. When he saw his he became even more excited and began looking through the different charms that you could buy. Some were gold, some silver or platinum. Some had gems in them. he finally decided to get the anklet and added a red gold baseball charm with tiny diamonds for the stitching, a platinum stiletto heel that had ruby accents, a silver doe with sapphires for her spots and a yellow gold bow with a tiny emerald lining on its edges. He had the jeweler put it together and he tested out how it would look on a fake ankle he had there just for that purpose. he smiled when he saw how it would drape and how the charms would dangle. he purchased the set and had it gift wrapped in gold paper that had metallic pink flower petals on it. H left the store and headed back to the house, smiling to himself. He knew it was no use, but he couldnt help trying to outwit his favorite sister. he kept hoping that one of these times he could actually suprise her if he made his choices quickly enough. Regardless he was sure she would love it and he couldnt wait to give it to her*
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Just an average day...
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