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 I was struck by a muse so...

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Alex Marseille
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PostSubject: I was struck by a muse so...   Sat Mar 27, 2010 12:59 pm

It had been three years since the Cullens just up and left, disappearing like the last flicker of a flame. That meant I was also two years older than Edward could never be considering he was frozen at seventeen. Grams had grown tired of my deep depression and heart-wrenching screams, deciding she had had enough. That was a year and a half ago, since then I have bounced from therapist to therapist, telling each one how my heart was shattered by the boy I had been dating all through high school. I would then go on and tell the story of the vampires, hoping that one day the Volturi of legend might come and kill me. At least that would tell me that they were real, that he was real.

Grams escorted me out of the tall office building and led me to her black limo. She had decided that after a year of my screaming, nightmares, and depression that it was time for us to move as far away from Forks as possible. I was livid when she told me we were moving to the estate in France, my hopes dying that one day he would come. The good news about the move was that it put us close to Italy, which meant closer to the Volturi, if they were real.

I had become quite fond of the pain in my chest, the inability to breathe or even think properly. It helped me believe that he was real Edward Anthony Masen Cullen was a real person and not just some made up fantasy in my head, even though Grams was trying to convince me it was all just a dream. Bullshit. I could not dream something like that. I could not have been dreaming my whole high school career up until his disappearance. The question at hand was this: If he loved me so much, why would he do this to me? Why? I demanded answers and I would do anything to get them, even if I died before I hit twenty. I would love to be dead before twenty but the hope of that was a distant glimmer, a very distant glimmer. Not to mention it was his fault entirely I was this way; his fault that I was left here to rot away like a normal human corpse.

The ice covered trees passed us slowly and I watched the happy couples enjoy their Valentine’s Day together. Jealousy filled me as I looked up and saw the Eiffel Tower, my eyes tinged green with the emotion. I hated Paris, I hated it being the city of romance and seeing all the happy couples, I…I just couldn’t take it anymore. Screaming in the car, Grams looked at me like I had gone crazy, “Alexandria what’s gotten into you!?”

I glared at her with my head tilted down, bangs shadowing my glistening, tear-filled eyes, “Let me out. Let me out now! I’ll get a cab or something…just…I want out…”

The old woman looked at me warily and sighed, handing me enough Euros for a cab as well as other expenses if I should choose. She motioned the drive to stop and he pulled up to a curb, letting me out.

I watched as the limo pulled away and pulled my black wool coat tighter around my small frame. Having moved to Paris had changed my tomboyish look, somewhat; it was still hard to get me into a dress. Slowly, I started to walk along the sidewalk ignoring my heeled black boots as they clicked on the concrete. Single men stared at me as I walked, obviously admiring my blonde locks that hung to the middle of my back. I had deliberately tried Edward’s favorite hairstyle of mine, hoping that this day of days he would come back for me. I knew I was wishing on false hope.

I watched the limo pull away and out of nowhere my life was suddenly changed as the limo erupted into a sweltering inferno. The explosion had everyone’s attention and I knew at that very moment my grandmother was dead, I was fully alone in the world now.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw four large men heading towards me, dress in black. Turning quickly, I ran for the park hoping to lose them in the tears, but it was to no avail. Their large size gave them plenty of advantages as one of hem wrapped my tightly in a bear hug. Screaming I kicked at them, trying to free myself but I felt myself starting to lose consciousness. Where had he come from? How the hell did he get the needle in my arm?

When I finally came to, I found myself tied into a chair securely at that. The room was dark and I could hear them talking. Damn I wish I had paid attention to Edward more when he was speaking French. I tried rocking the chair hoping it would tip, but the thugs had been smart. The chair was secure and I was stuck.

From the darkened shadows, one of the men came towards me and backhanded me so hard I felt the instant burn of the gash. Trembling, I breathed raggedly and glared up at him as he just chuckled, “We have plenty of fun planned for you Miss Marseille. Be glad the boss wanted you alive.” With that he left, leaving in the pitch black space, cold and alone. Tears streamed down my face and I tried desperately to reach the one person I knew could possibly hear me, Edward…Edward! You have to hear me please! Please tell me you’re close…You have to be…You wouldn’t abandon me like that…Please! I’m scared…Grams is dead…and…oh God….please answer me…

Silence. I was greeted by silence, he wouldn’t come.

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I was struck by a muse so...
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