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 Sample Post by Alex

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Alex Marseille
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Master Vampire

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PostSubject: Sample Post by Alex   Fri Mar 05, 2010 7:03 pm


Alex looked up at the statuesque boy before her, frowning and biting her lip nervously. Hearing the pixie girl's voice beside her, "It's okay Alex. Your Mommy and Daddy will be back later, let Edward see your hand. He's not mad at you." She hesitantly gave him her hand, and flinched at the icy touch of his fingers as he looked at the cut.

She had been playing in the dining room and was running from his brother Emmett, when she accidentally put her palm through the glass cabinet in an attempt to stop herself. The toddler's crystalline eyes watched as he smiled softly to her and knelt down to get a closer look. When their eyes met she got lost in the warm honey color, only being brought out of it by him picking the shards out. Whimpering she tried to yank her hand back but by the time his stone grip released, her hand was already bandaged.

After a much needed tantrum, she took the orange popsickle that was offered and sat down as if nothing had ever happened. Every now and then the young girl would glance nervously at her new babysitter, not knowing what was in store for them.
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Sample Post by Alex
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