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 Esme Cullen

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Esme Cullen
Head Vampire
Head Vampire

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PostSubject: Esme Cullen   Sat Mar 06, 2010 1:00 pm

Esme Cullen

Race: Vampire
Coven: Cullens/Olympic Coven
Hair: Caramel
Eyes: Golden when well fed, black when thirsty
Birthdate: 1895
Turned: 1921
Creator: Carlilse Cullen

I was born in 1895 just outside Ohio. I became a vampire in 1921 when Carlilse Cullen found me assumed dead in a morgue after I had jumped off a cliff. Carlilse and I soon married, like my love for my family, my love for my husband is incredibly passionate.

To describe myself, my eyes are golden, but they do go black when I am thirsty. I am also around 5"6 with caramel hair.

Over the years my family has expanded. Along with myself and my husband, we have five adopted vampire 'children': Edward, Rosalie, Emmett, Jasper and Alice.
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Esme Cullen
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