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 My life, in moments

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Bella Swan

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PostMy life, in moments

Forks. Great. Fucking wonderful. But I guess taht when you are in the situation that I am in, one does not have much of a choice. Everything I do. Every single time I try and make my life better, something happens and it all ends up screwed to hell. I may as well give up now, go back to my old ways.

It all started when I turned fifteen. Before then I was a pretty good student at school. Hard working. I liked to hang out with my friends. And then I met him. His name was Luke, and he was hot. In fact I had been rather surprised that he would take interest in someone as plain as me. But he did. After a short few months however, I started to see him for the person he really was. He was posessive. Controlling. A Bully. Not just to me, but to others. See, he had a group of followers. And I was now one of these. He would use me to sell certain types of goods. He told me that if I did this for him, he would keep me happy, and I'd have everything I wanted. He said he needed me because no one would ever suspect someone like me, Bella Swan, normal, smart girl, to be a crack whore.

Things went wrong. He dumped me, after beating me and leaving me for dead in an alley one night. I never saw him after that, but I was used to getting the money from the drugs. Though I never used them myself. Shit, I wasn't THAT dumb... I liked the money, and I had all the contacts from my days with Luke. So I carried on trafficking.

I did this for two years, but at the same time, getting a name for myself as a slut. Banging a different guy everyweekend. My grades at school dropped, and it wasn't till a month before my finals, I started to think that perhaps this was all wrong. My mother was worried about me. She said I'd have to live with my father in Forks. He is a police officer, and he would put me back on the right road again. I didnt want to. So I study hard, and I managed to get into college.

So I enrolled in Seattle, and decided that I wanted to be a teacher. I wanted to teach high school. I was clean, loving my life and getting on really well with other students, living with a girl called Jessica who I'd actually attended Forks High with but had never really knowen well.

It was six months before the end of the degree. I was working as a TA in a high school. When I came across a student by the name of Blake. I later learned that he had an older brother, called Luke. Luke had apparently been looking for me for some time. Apparently after leaving phoenix for my four years at college, it was like I had vanished off the face of the earth. He wanted me back apparently.

I didn't want my old life back. I was liking the new me. People were even calling me by my proper name, rather than Bella.

Then the meetings started.

I was called one day into the Deans offiice. There was a complaint against me.

I had apparently approched sexually a pupil at the school I was working at. Three guesses who this was eh?

So I got fired. Kicked off my course. I would never be a teacher now, that was for sure.

So fuck my whole life. My mother does not want me back. She leant all about my past, and she thinks I'm a looser now. But she said that my dad will have me.

So here I am.
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My life, in moments

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