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 The Second Vision- The Fundraiser

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PostThe Second Vision- The Fundraiser

Alice had been homw for a while now but Carlisle was still at work. Edward had gone out for a while and it seemed that everyone else was preoccupied. Rosalie was out with friends and Emmett was surely out hunting. Hopefully he would not bring anything dead back inside. Esme was normally quiet and compassionate but that one time Emmett made the fatal mistake to bring in a dead animal to save for later she had turned nasty. He never made that mistake ever again.

Alice laughed to herself as she raced up the stairs to find Esme. When she reached the top she saw that Esme was once again in Carlisle’s office. Alice wondered why she had been staying in there so much lately, but she decided to leave her alone. She, like Esme, needed some time to think to herself. Keeping this secret would be more than difficult. She knew Edward would be on to her if she tried practicing the alphabet in different languages again. That tactic was to obvious for someone as smart as Edward. She was really going to have to break out the big guns for this one.

She sat down to think about how she would keep this away from him when she saw even bigger problems coming that way. Her vision flashed to the fundraiser. She saw herself standing near her family in a long beaded silver dress with a floral like print. They were listening to Alex onstage in a beautiful purple silk gown singing her heart out with Marie glowering in the corner. The part that was so hard to see was Edward. He was jumping in and out. She would see him for a second and then bang! He was gone. Then like a flash he was back.

Alice sat on her bed. This was so overwhelming. She had not dealt with anything like this since the last time the Volturi made an appearance and that had been what had seemed like forever ago. She was unsure as to why she could not see Edward. What was going on with her? Was she losing her ability? This was unbelievable.

Then she heard it. Esme’s feet pacing back in forth in Carlisle’s office while he spoke quickly on the phone. When had Carlisle gotten home? He slammed down the phone and Esme stopped.

Alice listened with great rapport to the following conversation. They preceded to confirm what her wildest visions had already shown her. Alex was coming back to Forks and back into Edward’s life… or would she? After listening further Alice heard Carlisle and Esme agree that they would not force Edward into going to the fundraiser and at this rate Edward had no intent to go to the fundraiser himself.

“That must be why I can’t see Edward.” Alice said aimlessly. She could not see him there for sure because the decision had not been made for sure. If he had it his way then he would not be there, but if her parents had it their way then he would be. All of this was making for a difficult time inside her head, but she was going to have to push it all aside and recite Shakespeare because Edward just got home and fir now this was going to be her little secret. Well hers and her parents anyways.
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The Second Vision- The Fundraiser

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