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 The Fifth Vision- Alex Disappears

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PostThe Fifth Vision- Alex Disappears

Alice had been given strict orders to protect Alex. To keep her safe and in her sight. Her one task and she had failed. Edward was going to be so mad. Alice did not even know how it had happened. She had gone upstairs to rearrange her closet to make room for some new clothes that she saw her and Edward shopping for and then bang Alex dissapeared from her sights.

She hadn't even thought about that even occuring. She had seen Alex asleep for at least another two hours. She paced back and forth to fast for human eyes. She contemplated what to do knowing that the inevitable was soon appraoching. Edward had seen exactly what Alice had and she knew that thirsty or not, Edward was coming back from hunting.

How could Alex do this? The family had done so much for her and for Alex to just leave and put the family in such danger just did not make sense. She had only experienced this one time before. When the new born vampires had come into Forks and the werewolves had intervened, Alice had lost all knowledge of their intent and it was not until they collaborated with the wolves that she had gained her sight back.

That was how Cora had entered into their lives. This new vampire was so different to them. She was not "vegetarian" like the rest of them were, and this made Alice nervous. She had not seen anyone leaving but with her vision so easily manipulates by the wolves, Alice was no longer confident.

It hit Alice just as soon as she thought of it. Edward slammed open the door.

"Jake." she gasped.
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The Fifth Vision- Alex Disappears :: Comments

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The Fifth Vision- Alex Disappears

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